It must be pretty cool for writers when they get to see their characters come to life. I wonder what that feels like. Of course, there’s always that expectation and disappointment thing because it’s not exactly how the writer imagined it. But, I still think it would be pretty cool.

I just want to say thank you to all my followers who decided to follow my blog even though it’s mostly made up of reblogs. :3 If you ever want to talk or something don’t be afraid to say hi. ^_^ I won’t bite. 

OMG I just got the sweetest complement ever. ;u; Thank you so much kevsica @ asianfanfics! <3

I don’t even know how to respond to such a complement. ;u; My mind is blank right now because of feels. /spazzes

If you want, check out my photography/art/writing blog here. ^_^

My god. I just realized I haven’t answered any of these tag posts in my ask. OTL I am such a fail. Please don’t hate me. D: I have trouble answering questions and then I end up forgetting to check my ask box. I’m so sorry. ;_;

How come there’s no Kyungsoo on my dash? :c

gosh. i just changed my default pic and now i keep thinking WHO IS THAT? every time i see myself pop up on my dash cuz i keep forgetting that i changed my pic. OTL

i’m debating whether or not to start making this blog a more personal blog. hmmmm…